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Keeping the Home Fires Burning

I’ve officially gone through every closet, every drawer, every room, the garage, my storage space…I’ve organized, cleaned out, purged, donated, sold, sorted all of it. My storage space is so tidy and neatly filled with the things I find worthy of keeping: winter clothes, some beautiful Christmas ornaments, as well as a stack of gorgeous Lenox platinum dishes with which I simply can’t yet part ways. The Vervewell offices now house the modest art, photography, and record collections I gathered over my forty plus years in Texas, which, in my opinion, fill each space with soul.

I’ve done what has been asked of me before I move, before I relocate, wander, explore, find. I have turned “my home” into “their Air B&B”.  You, too, can rent my home for your guests beginning in June of this year. It’s a lovely space. It’s where I wrote my book. It’s where I turned a corner.

All I have left to do is a practice run of packing my daughter’s car with what I plan to take w me. If some things won’t fit, they will be left in my storage, or donated.  

Dare I say, I am ready.  Now…I count down days…34, 33, 32…27, 26, 25…13, 12, 11…

While I will be back every four to six weeks indefinitely, I will miss my daily connection with the Vervewell offices and, specifically, my staff, who are, more accurately, my friends. Thankfully, technology is such that daily communication can be a strong existence between me and them. Please allow one of them to be your therapist. I promise this will become a relationship of support, trust, confidentiality and the always needed, personal growth. That is the goal of therapy: personal growth.  Some say the goal is to heal, which is also accurate. Whatever your reason, I encourage you to be the keeper of such a solid connection, a gift to your soul.

I am not leaving, I am relocating…going. I am still seeing clients through Vervewell telehealth. My clients will catch me in various backdrops, some still yet to be determined: Hudson, NY, Barnstable, MA, Newport, RI, Mystic, CT as I submerge myself into various locations, cultures, experiencing life as me, no longer as my things.

I am proud that Vervewell is strong enough to do this.

That’s some good therapy. You are in the best hands, with each therapy room full of soul.

Accept nothing less.

In personal growth and healing,

Beth Clardy Lewis, LPC-S
Founder and Creative Director
Vervewell: therapy for everyone



My first book launches this Summer:

Stop Talking About Your Childhood:
one therapist’s personal memoir & 21-day strategy to strengthen adulthood
and focus forward, forever

My self-help website/platform launches this Fall:

All the while, Vervewell is keeping the home fires burning.

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