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Beth has developed this idea from many years of observing her clients, and even more, observing herself. For those psychology buffs out there, Beth is a follower of Albert Ellis (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) who studied himself for his research. Beth has followed suit. Beth is an advocate for self-care first. She believes, to FEEL better, we must DO better. And doing better is the basis of the SHEEN method

Once these tenets are actively in place in our lives (which is us doing better), we will experience feeling better. And I’m not talking about a day or two of eating right, or a jog one day this week and maybe again two weeks from now, but actively being a healthy participant in your day in, day out, weekly, monthly, on-going routine. Please note that one of the “e”s stands for “expression”. This is a big part of self-care… whether it’s writing, knitting, jogging, painting, etc. It is crucial that we multi-layered humans express our emotions! Productive expression over destructive expression is what I’m talking about.

excerpted from Don’t Cook Your Vegetables, by Beth Clardy Lewis.


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