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Office Manager, Marketing & Events Coordinator — LPC

Heather Chandler

Iam a huge believer in the power of family and the influence those individuals have on who we become as humans. Genetics is powerful, bonds are strong, systems are engrained, and trauma can be life-altering even if we do not realize it when it is happening. However, I say those things to hopefully take away some of their power over who we can become as we choose to heal.

My parents were very young when I was born, and they were imperfect. I know now that their struggles derived from what they experienced in their youth and difficulty managing expectations around marriage and family. They divorced, not once, but twice. Yes, you read that correctly. They both remarried, my mother three additional times, and added a myriad of siblings, stepsiblings, and half siblings to the mix. I have been an only child and an oldest child, and if you know anything about birth order that can be a dangerous combination of roles. Spoiled but independent, responsible but stubborn, bossy but trouble with compromise. Basically, I spent my adolescent and young adult years believing that if you didn’t think I was right, give me a minute to show you why you were wrong. Sounds fun right?

Luckily, I met a young waiter who decided that he was willing to put up with my spoiled, bossy, ambitious, perfectionist self and we started a family a few years later. I am privileged to have raised two sons, now successful young adults, and am hopeful every day that they have learned from my imperfections, failures, and successes. I love Dr. Pepper, Mexican food, dark chocolate, singing karaoke, all things interiors design, and have an unhealthy obsession with cheesy 70’s pop rock.

College was an interesting road for me. My journey, in all of its versions, was self-created chaos. Since I knew everything, I was reluctant to take anyone’s advice on what might be the best path for me. This stubbornness created an incredibly long road to completing my Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of North Texas after a short ten year run and a husband and two children later. Shortly after, I began my graduate work at Texas Woman’s University where I earned a Master’s in Family Studies and a Master’s in Counseling and Development. I have now worked in Mental Health support for over twenty years, and I truly believe it is what I was created to do.

After beginning my career in clinical behavioral health for children, I knew that my need to serve a more vulnerable population was engrained in my soul. I worked for over 20 years in public and charter education as a Special Education Teacher, Certified School Counselor, Crisis Counselor, and most recently in Administration in support of student intervention, both academic and social/emotional alike. As a therapist, my best hope for every client is that they would recognize the power they have within themselves to make change, even on the smallest scale. My goal is for my clients to feel heard, accepted, and believe that I am there alongside them to find solutions to the challenges they are experiencing. In session with me you will find relationship, empathy, authenticity, collaboration, and humor. It would be my honor to walk alongside yourself, your partner, or your child towards healing and change.


Office Manager and Marketing & Events Coordinator
Heather works with individuals ages 14 and up. She is an expert in her work with teenagers and their families, with her extensive work within the public school system. She is skilled in working with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD, and academic and daily life challenges. Heather also demonstrates expertise in her work with couples striving for solutions within their relationship. Heather is a regular weightlifter and a big fan of her family, yoga, music, and great meals.
$180 (in office or virtual)

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1814 8th Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110


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